Top 2025 Prospect Following the EYBL Peach Jam.

The EYBL Peach Jam Marks Cooper Flagg’s Rise

        Cooper Flagg has improved significantly over the summer. Most recently, he was dominant at the 2023 EYBL Peach Jam. Flagg led Maine United, a previously unknown team on the Nike circuit, to the 2023 Peach Jam’s championship game. The top 2025 basketball prospect moves differently than other players his size. At 6’8″ and 195 pounds, Flagg has guard-like tendencies with the length of a big man. Moreover, his energy and presence on the court make him the most uniquely talented basketball prospect in the nation for his age.

High School Career

        Cooper Flagg originally attended Nokomis Regional High School in Newport, Maine. He led Nokomis Regional to the Class A state championship during his freshman season. In addition, he was the first freshman ever to be named Maine Gatorade Player of the Year. Flagg averaged twenty-one points, ten rebounds, six assists, four steals, and four blocks per game in his freshman campaign. After the season, Cooper Flagg decided to move over fifteen-hundred miles away to attend national basketball powerhouse Montverde Academy.


        Flagg impacts the game the most on the boards and the defensive end. Though, Cooper Flagg has developed into an elite scorer with pro-style moves. He attacks the rim ferociously and has a crafty and advanced mid-range game. Flagg is also difficult to contain on the perimeter, utilizing his length to shoot over defenders and driving the lane to set up his teammates.

        Cooper Flagg’s performances this summer have resulted in him rising to the number one overall prospect in the Class of 2025 Rivals 150 prospect rankings. Cameron Boozer dropped one spot to number two in the Rivals 150. Cameron Boozer, along with his brother Cayden Boozer, plays for NightRydas Elite E16 on the Nike EYBL circuit. Cooper Flagg represents Maine United, a newcomer on the EYBL scene, making it all the more impressive that Flagg was able to lead Maine United to the championship of the 2023 Peach Jam.

EYBL Peach Jam

        Flagg played phenomenally at the 2023 Nike EYBL Peach Jam. He finished in the top five in most of the tournament’s individual player statistics on the EYBL’s website. Furthermore, Flagg carried his team, Maine United, to the E16 championship game in the 2023 Peach Jam. Ultimately, Maine United was defeated 58-50 by NightRydas Elite, led by the Boozer brothers. Here are Cooper Flagg’s statistics for the 2023 EYBL Peach Jam.

  • 25.4 points per game was 3rd most in E16.
  • 13.0 rebounds per game was 2nd most in E16.
  • 5.7 assists per game was 3rd most in E16.
  • 6.9 blocks per game was 2nd most in E16.

        Maine United defeated NightRydas Elite 73-65 the previous Wednesday in a sold-out pool play game. Cooper Flagg’s twin brother, Ace Flagg, stepped up considerably for Maine United in this game. He finished with 22 points and 11 boards while shooting 9-of-13 from the field. Moreover, he drew several offensive fouls on the defensive end. Ace Flagg appears to be a slept-on recruit, with only three Division-One offers. Cooper Flagg struggled to find his shooting rhythm in Wednesday’s matchup with NightRydas Elite, finishing 1-of-6 from three and 7-of-18 from the field. Despite not playing his best game, his impact was still immense in the victory. The Rivals 150 top prospect finished the game with twenty-one points, ten rebounds, seven assists, two steals, and two blocks. Additionally, Cooper Flagg played excellent defense against Cameron Boozer, altering several of his shots on the interior.

Areas for Flagg to Improve

        One area that Flagg can improve is his ability to take care of the basketball. He did tie for the most turnovers per game in the tournament with four, which is an area where he can improve. In Cooper Flagg’s defense, his team relied on him a lot, and he had the ball in his hands more than usual. Cooper Flagg is a very unselfish player by nature. At a certain point, he realized that for Maine United to succeed in the tournament, he would have to put the team on his back.

        Furthermore, Flagg shot inconsistently from three over the summer. Though, scouts don’t view his streaky shooting from long-range as much of an issue due to his exceptional talent inside of the paint. Moreover, the Class of 2025 prospect will have plenty of time to improve his jump shot. Despite having room for improvement in a few areas, Cooper Flagg impacted the game on both ends more than any other player in the 2023 EYBL Peach Jam.

2023 EYBL Circuit

        In the cumulative EYBL season statistics, Cooper Flagg ranks first in blocks per game with 4.5, with second place at a distant 3.3 per game. Moreover, he alters many shots at the rim taken by the opposing team. He ranks second in points per game with 26.9, slightly ahead of the third place Cameron Boozer, who averages 24.9 ppg. Furthermore, Cameron Boozer leads E16 in rebounding on the season with 13.2 per game. Cooper Flagg ranks second behind Boozer in rebounds this season with 11.9 per game.

        The battle for the number one overall prospect in the Class of 2025 has been fascinating this summer. Cooper Flagg and Cameron Boozer are the consensus top two basketball prospects in the Class of 2025 among credible player ranking sources. Further, they play the same position, power forward, and both attend high school in Florida. Ultimately, every time Boozer and Flagg have competed this summer, they simultaneously battled for three different criteria of prospect rankings. These include the number one basketball prospect in Florida, the top power forward in the nation, and the number one overall prospect nationally.

National Prospect Rankings

        Heading into the summer, Cameron Boozer held the number-one spot in all three areas. The Rivals 150 prospect rankings recently moved Cooper Flagg ahead of Boozer for the number one overall spot. Flagg’s performance at the 2023 Nike EYBL Peach Jam likely led to this decision. According to 247Sports, Cameron Boozer is still the best player in the nation in the 2025 class as the circuits wind down.

        Less than a month ago, Flagg fully displayed his potential at the NBPA Top 100 Camp in Orlando, Florida. He finished fourth out of all players in scoring and rebounding (22.4 points per game and 9.4 rebounds) while competing against four-star and five-star talents. The Top 100 Camp is the most exclusive basketball camp for high school athletes. Since the inaugural session in 1994, over three hundred camp participants have played in the National Basketball Association. Cooper Flagg was awarded MVP of the 2023 NBPA Top 100 Camp. Ultimately, Flagg has the potential to become one of the best prospects in his NBA Draft class in a few years.


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