The NBA Draft is what creates dynasties.

The NBA Draft Process From Lottery to Draft Night

   Each year, all 30 teams take part in an annual event known as the NBA draft. On this night, NBA teams attempt to acquire new talent by drafting the best young prospects from around the World. The majority of the draftees come from college basketball programs. A handful of others come from international leagues, such as the Euroleague. The 2023 NBA Draft will mold the future of NBA franchises. The featured player in the 2023 draft class is Victor Wembanyama, one of the most unique NBA Draft prospects of all time. 

   In the past five years, some of the most highly rated basketball prospects have opted to forego athletic scholarships to instead play in the NBA G League. This lets the athletes start making money immediately from their respective teams and sponsors. Jalen Green, the number 2 overall national prospect in the Class of 2020, decided to go the G League route despite having over fifty division one offers. The option for players to forego college in favor of development leagues was the final straw that resulted in the NCAA agreeing to pay the student-athletes. 

NBA Draft Lottery

   Generally, around one month before the NBA Draft, an event known as the draft lottery takes place. Teams that missed the playoffs will each have a chance at the number one overall pick. The representatives of each team are given a ball to place inside the machine. The machine will then be mixed up for 20-30 seconds. Finally, the NBA’s Commissioner, Adam Silver, announces the results. The will finalize the draft order on this evening.

NBA Draft Combine

   The NBA Draft Combine also takes place roughly one month before the draft. A selected NBA team hosts this event inside of their arena. In an invitation-only event, prospects can show NBA coaches, scouts, and front-office executives their on-court skills and abilities. Players will take part in various physical fitness tests as well. These tests include the standard bench press, vertical jump, and multiple speed and agility tests.

The NBA Draft Order & Rounds

   The NBA Draft Lottery results determine the first fourteen picks. After the first fourteen selections, each team’s regular season record determines the remaining draft order. The NBA Draft consists of two rounds. Each year, only sixty players are selected.


   Trades are prevalent around the time of the NBA Draft. This is because many teams with high draft picks have less talent than the NBA’s most elite teams. As a result, some GMs in the NBA are willing to take on more significant risks to receive a better reward in the future. Teams even make trades on the day of the draft almost every year.

Undrafted Prospects

   NBA teams will not pick every draft-eligible player. The talent difference between the NCAA and the NBA is significant; only some players are cut out for it. Young undrafted players will still be able to pursue a professional basketball career. They can play in other professional leagues in Europe, South America, or Asia. Undrafted players also commonly join development leagues like the NBA G League. The latter option will allow athletes to get exposure domestically and earn a call-up to the National Basketball Association. 

Post F.A.Q.

Why don’t NBA players go to the Draft Combine?

   When players choose not to attend the combine, it is often because their agent advised them not to attend. Top prospects generally face more risk than reward when attending the combine.

How many people go to the NBA Draft?

   The NBA Draft features sixty total draftees annually. Fans are welcome to attend the event, which admits tickets on a first-come, first-served basis until the arena has reached its capacity.

How do you become eligible for the NBA Draft?

   Prospects must meet specific criteria to become eligible for the NBA Draft. Most commonly, this consists of playing one year of college basketball or being at least 19 years old by the night of the draft.

Other F.A.Q.

How much does a basketball weigh?

Basketballs in the NBA weigh approximately 22 ounces or 1.4 pounds with a diameter of 29.5″. The WNBA basketball weighs about 20 ounces or 1.25 pounds and has a diameter of 28.5″.

How many steps can you take in basketball?

Players can take two steps before either passing or shooting the ball. Moreover, a traveling violation will be called if the player takes a third step or stops after the second step.

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