Victor Wembanyama is the best prospect to ever come out of France.

What Makes Victor Wembanyama a Unique Talent

   Victor Wembanyama was born in Nanterre, France, on January 4, 2004. The nineteen-year-old has a raw frame, reportedly weighing 209 pounds with an eight-foot wingspan. There seems to be much debate regarding his height, as sources vary between 7’2″ and 7’5″. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, one of the NBA’s most trusted insiders, stated that Wembanyama is 7 foot 5 with shoes on. This young man from France has quickly become the most hyped NBA prospect since Lebron James in 2003.

   Though France is famous for many different things, producing generational basketball talents is not one of them. There have been several NBA players from France, most notably NBA Hall-of-Famer Tony Parker and star center Rudy Robert. Football, regarded by many Americans as soccer, is the country’s most popular team sport. Victor Wembanyama has the potential to not only shake up the landscape of the NBA but to vastly increase its popularity among the French people.

The Prospect Victor Wembanyama

   Victor Wembanyama is impressively fluid and coordinated for his size. His numbers in the Euroleague as a nineteen year old were impressive. He can move on the floor effortlessly with excellent body control. The young prospect possesses a very high basketball IQ and is naturally an unselfish player. He attacks the rim with great finesse and can get his jump shot off against anyone due to his impressive size and length. Defensively, he is very disciplined and can defend 1-5 on almost any team. He will develop into a world-class defensive force on the court with maturity and muscle gain.

   In what is considered an elite draft class, Victor Wembanyama stands alone. He possesses a different level of talent and potential than the other prospects. He has a scarce combination of height, length, and agility. The most impressive gifts possessed by Wembanyama are his ball-handling skill and shooting mechanics, especially when considering his size. As long as the young man stays healthy throughout his career, his floor remains insanely high. Wembanyama’s ceiling as an NBA prospect is anywhere between all-time great and greatest of all time.

Impact on the NBA

   The National Basketball Association often promotes international players more than domestic ones. In addition, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver knows that international superstars are the key to unlocking more significant global viewership. Upon entering the NBA, Victor Wembanyama will be viewed among Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic as the pinnacles of European NBA talent. Furthermore, Victor Wembanyama has the potential to be better and more popular across the globe than any player before him. After he is drafted and the regular season begins, we will see just how good of a player Wembanyama truly is.


What are Victor Wembanyama’s weaknesses?

   Wembanyama has put on some weight recently. Consequently, many NBA scouts believe that he still needs to add more muscle mass to his frame. In addition, gaining muscle will result in him adjusting more easily to the physicality of the NBA. 

What position is Victor Wembanyama?

   Victor Wembanyama is a center. Though, his versatility allows him to play on the wing as well. 

What is Victor Wembanyama’s wingspan?

   Victor Wembanyama has a wingspan of eight feet.

Other F.A.Q.

How much does a basketball weigh?

Basketballs in the NBA weigh approximately 22 ounces or 1.4 pounds with a diameter of 29.5″. Moreover, the WNBA basketball weighs about 20 ounces or 1.25 pounds and has a diameter of 28.5″.

Who was the NBA icon who wore 23?

The NBA icon who wore the number 23 was Michael Jordan, who played for the Chicago Bulls, and briefly with the Washington Wizards later in his career. Jordan holds an NBA Finals record of 6-0 and many unique accolades. Many consider Michael Jordan to be the greatest basketball player of all time.

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