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The Cooper Flagg Duke Connection

        Before the Peach Jam, Cooper Flagg was seen as one of the best players in the Class of 2025. Flagg’s impact at the 2023 Peach Jam made him arguably the best basketball prospect in any class. Cooper Flagg recently jumped Cameron Boozer to become the number one prospect in the Class of 2025. After unofficially visiting the campus in Durham a few weeks ago, it appears that the Cooper Flagg Duke connection has only grown. We discussed Cooper Flagg’s skillset and stats on the EYBL circuit in our previous article featuring the elite prospect from Maine. In this article, we will be focusing on the newest updates in Cooper Flagg’s recruitment.

Cooper Flagg Duke Visit & Recruitment

        Cooper Flagg unofficially visited basketball powerhouse Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, on August 1, 2023. As September approaches, the Blue Devils appear to be the favorite to land Flagg. At the 2023 EYBL Peach Jam, Jon Scheyer was seen at several of Cooper Flagg’s games. Though now on the outside looking in, the Indiana Hoosiers remain a realistic option for Flagg. Hoosiers head coach Mike Woodson has been consistently pursuing Flagg and is recruiting some of his teammates at Montverde Academy. Further, two players from Montverde Academy are actively playing for Indiana University.

        Many prospects believe signing with G League Ignite is their best option. The one-year program focused on helping prospects develop has become a popular option. Ten prospects have been selected from the G League Ignite program in the past three NBA Drafts. If Cooper Flagg decides to sign with G League Ignite, he will have the highest ceiling of any one-and-done prospect in the program’s history. Wherever Cooper Flagg decides to take his talent, he will be an excellent fit for any team.


        About a week ago, Cooper Flagg announced his plan to reclass from 2025 to 2024. By making this decision, Flagg can declare for the NBA Draft in 2025 instead of 2026. Flagg put on a show at the EYBL Peach Jam, validating his spot as the nation’s best hooper. Many believe Cooper Flagg will be the first overall pick when he enters the 2025 NBA Draft.

Duke Basketball Recruiting

        As we approach the end of August, Duke has two commits in the 2024 Class. Four-star forward Darren Harris committed last October. Five-star forward Isaiah Evans announced his commitment to the Blue Devils six months later. Duke is also in the mix to land the top guard in the Class of 2024, Dylan Harper. Moreover, they are heavily pursuing four-star talents Tyler Betsey and Patrick Ngongba II. A commitment from Cooper Flagg to Duke would solidify Jon Scheyer’s unique ability as a recruiter. Stay tuned to our basketball prospects page for the latest recruiting updates.

Duke Blue Devils 2022-2023 season

        In the 22-23 season, Duke basketball finished with a 27-9 overall record. The Blue Devils finished 14-6 in the ACC and 16-0 at home this past season. They struggled on the road, finishing with a 4-6 away record. Duke would play their best ball towards the end of the season, winning ten straight games and the ACC title. Tennessee eliminated Duke in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Duke finished the 22-23 season ranked 12th in the AP Poll.

The Era After Coach Mike Krzyzewski

        Mike Krzyzewski, or Coach K, was the head basketball coach at Duke University from 1980 to 2022. The Blue Devils won five national titles and fifteen ACC championships under Coach K. Coach K’s thirteen Final Four appearances are the most all-time. Duke basketball was expected to take some time to return to prominence. The former Duke point guard and assistant coach Jon Scheyer was announced as Coach Krzyzewski’s successor.

        Jon Scheyer had a very high basketball IQ while playing at Duke. Despite learning from one of the best coaches of all time, Scheyer was unproven as a head coach entering the 2022-23 season. When Coach K announced his retirement, many believed some of their recruits would de-commit. However, Jon Scheyer exceeded expectations in his first season at the helm. Duke’s young head coach excels as a recruiter, which is the most important thing in NCAA sports. Jon Scheyer became the winningest first-year head coach in school history. He crushed the previous record of 20 with 27 wins in the 22-23 season.

Cooper Flagg Duke Connection

        Since Flagg was born in December 2006, Duke basketball won two National Championships under the legendary Coach K. They finished 35-5 in the 2010 season after defeating Butler 61-59 in a nail-biter for the title. In 2015, they finished 35-4 with another National Championship after defeating Wisconsin. NCAA rules state that prospects can take official visits starting in August of their Junior year. This is why Cooper Flagg’s recent visit to Duke was an unofficial visit.

        Flagg stated that Duke University has been his dream school since childhood. He recently posted pictures on social media of himself wearing Duke gear. This fueled speculation online among the Duke fanbase. Furthermore, Flagg’s decision to reclass just weeks after visiting Duke is very telling. The 2024 prospect’s recent visit to Durham has given him enough clarity to make that decision.

Cooper Flagg – Duke or G-League Ignite?

        As fall approaches, Cooper Flagg committing to Duke seems to be the likely outcome. On3 states the chance of Cooper Flagg signing with Duke is 98.5%. G League Ignite is the second most likely option for Flagg. According to 247Sports’ Travis Branham, Cooper Flagg will take official visits this fall to Duke, Uconn, Kansas. Once the NCAA recruiting season picks up, it is possible that the 2024 prospect will go in a new direction. He could command a huge NIL deal before ever setting foot on campus. Wherever the electrifying kid decides to take his talent, he will be a one-and-done.

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